Following the Starlines

by Franceen King, MA
from the TMI Focus, 2003

I donít remember exactly when I became a stargazer. I suppose it was long before my experience in this embodiment. I do recall, however, that one of my first spiritual epiphanies this time around came from reflecting on the night skies in California when I was about five years old. I had accompanied my mother to services at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. As was customary, the children were separated into their own classes for catechism, a series of standard questions and answers which every Catholic schoolchild memorized in those days. That nightís lesson was: "Where is God?" Answer: "God is everywhere."

Upon leaving class, I was pondering that lesson. I looked into the skies and thought to myself, "If God is everywhere, then God is not only in all the people I meet, and in all the air I breathe and the food I eat, but also in all the stars I see, and all the space in between, and . . . and God is very, very big. How could this be?" Then I got it. Obviously all the earth and the people on it and the sun, the moon, and all the stars and sky and all I could perceive . . . was the inside of Godís stomach! I live inside of God! Wow! And just like I could hear my stomach growl if I was hungry, God could hear me! While this was a childís conceptualization, it has been a model that has worked for me throughout my life-providing comfort, affirming connection, and negating even the possibility of separation.

Iím sure that you have your own story of how youíve been inspired by the stars and other celestial bodies. Reflecting on the size, activity, and composition of the universe is naturally consciousness-expanding. Throughout time, humans have looked to the heavens to know God, to know themselves, to know their relationship to their Creator and their place in Creation.

Beginning in October 2003, The Monroe Institute will offer an unprecedented opportunity for you to explore these questions, and more, through our newest residential program, Starlines. I am calling this event unprecedented because the program will incorporate hundreds of images from the various space telescopes, sound translations of the emanations of many celestial bodies, and information from the leading edge of astronomy and astrophysics. These components have only become available to humans within the past few years. The power of Hemi-Sync, the consciousness maps provided by Bob Monroe, and the knowledge and experience base of our advanced explorers make Starlines a program with incomparable potential.

Starlines is for graduates of Exploration 27 who possess a burning passion for exploration and Self-discovery, an unquenchable curiosity, and an enduring love and respect for the Life Force in all of its expressions. Using Focus 34/35 as our launchpad, we will explore the mystery and majesty of energy systems throughout our Milky Way galaxy and beyond and move gradually into new states of awareness, being, and perception through Focus 49. Aided by hundreds of cosmic images and the true Music of the Spheres, we will collectively journey into interdimensional frontiers--seeking, asking, observing--awakening past and future memories associated with these distant energy systems, and thereby reclaiming more of our Total Self.

There are numerous parallels between outer space exploration and inner space exploration: much as Exploration 27 explored the ancient Hermetic principle, "As above, so below," Starlines will explore a new octave of that principle, "As within, so without; as without, so within." In so doing, we will move into even greater awareness of our I-There, our I-There Cluster, and the bonded relationships with other I-There Clusters--experiencing the love, joy, and freedom of wholeness, the empowerment of purpose, and the transcendent peace of the Perfect Plan.

As we explore, we will be forging and strengthening pathways for others to follow, and expanding connections between our beloved planet and the energetic sources which nurture her. As a representative delegation of earth human consciousness now, we will traverse time and space, beginning our new roles as "Galactic Ambassadors." From this different overview, we will also bring back to earth the patterns, perceptions, and visions that will allow humanity, and all earth life, to more easily attune to life-affirming futures. Along the way, we will explore the energetic black hole/stargate of the Galactic Core and the possibility that it may aid us in "warp-speed" transformation.

I started receiving guidance and instructions to develop this program in May 2002. Putting the intention into form has been an exciting time for me personally--filled with revelations and energetic infusions. I am thrilled with the way my guidance team has worked with me to bring Starlines through, and very grateful to be able to share this opportunity with you.

So if you are a "trekki" at heart, Starlines is your program. Bring your sense of adventure and any star charts, books, etc., that you would like to have handy. I look forward to journeying with you.

Franceen King has been a Monroe Institute residential trainer since 1986. She lives in Florida where she is a licensed mental health counselor, rebirther, transpersonal therapist, and ordained minister. She has been actively exploring consciousness and paranormal phenomena for over thirty years and has contributed her insights to The Monroe Institute in a variety of ways, including the design and development of Exploration 27 and the Trainer Development and Assessment Program.

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