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Franceen King, Ph.D., LMHC

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My approach to Sex Therapy starts with the assumption that sexual pleasure is profoundly healing... physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually...and everyone deserves to experience sexual pleasure, whether alone or with others, in ways that are safe, respectful, and satisfying. In addition to being the channel through which we bring new life into the world, sexuality is an expression of our natural aliveness and a principle doorway to awareness of our own Divinity.


Nonetheless, over the course of life there are many factors which can interfere with the experience of sexual pleasure. Sometimes there are physiological disabilities or conditions which require special attention. In other cases, inhibitions come from lack of information, limiting attitudes, traumatic experience, other emotional and psychological issues, or simply inadequate communication skills. It has often been said that the most powerful sex organ is the mind. Therefore, the discussion, information exchange, encouragement, education, and exploration provided through Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching can be helpful in shifting both thinking and behavior, thus leading to greater intimacy and joy.



My Background


I am a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology (ABS #2712), and a PhD graduate of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists at Maimonides University.  (AACS is now independently approved by the State of Florida to grant the PhD in Clinical Sexology.) I have also fulfilled Sex Therapist certification requirements for Licensed Mental Health Counselors in the State of Florida, and have maintained a private practice since 1981.   I’ve published two books on the topic of Sleep-Related Female Orgasms (see my home page) and am currently conducting an on-line survey regarding this and related topics.


What is Sex Therapy?



An excellent description of sex therapy is included at the following American Board of Sexology Link. In general, Sex Therapy is a set of professional and ethical skills used to address sexual desire and arousal disorders, orgasmic and erectile dysfunctions, limitations due to physical disability, problematic sexual behavior or preferences, and gender identity disorders. In the State of Florida, sex therapy includes a wide variety of counseling and educational services, and prescribed home assignments. It does not include physical contact with the therapist or use of sex surrogates. It might include collaboration with other health professionals or social services.


What is Sex Coaching?


Sex Coaching is a more recent and somewhat broader approach to addressing concerns about sexual functioning and satisfaction, where specific sexual disorders and dysfunctions are not present. Typically, clients play a larger role in defining their goals and take more responsibility for accomplishing them. The goals are more likely related to self-awareness, enhanced erotic responsiveness, and emotional intimacy. The sex coach provides information, suggestions, and support for beginning new ways of thinking, behaving, and responding. This often includes a much broader array of home assignments.




Currently I work with individuals and couples, in person, during daytime hours.  I am located in Tampa, FL.   Call 813-971-8808 for an appointment, or email me at