Florida Hemi-Sync© Workshops

Conducted by Franceen King, PhD, LMHC

These workshops are offered through my business, The Self-Awareness Institute, located near Tampa, Florida. For further information about these workshops, seminars or services, or to register for workshops, send email or phone: 813-971-8808.

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Hemi-Sync®...developed by The Monroe Institute


Hemi-Sync® is a patented, trademarked, audio-guidance system which facilitates self-directed control of consciousness through unique combinations of sound frequencies. Developed by The Monroe Institute over 40+ years of research, experimentation, and application, Hemi-Sync has been shown to support the synchronization of both brain hemispheres, as shown in the brain maps above. These coherent, focused, and productive mind-brain states allow listeners to accomplish goals related to a wide variety of applications including improved health, learning, self-awareness, relaxation, and consciousness exploration. I highly recommend that you access TMI’s very comprehensive web site which includes information on programs, products, applications, research, and downloadable sound samples. See favorite links for additional related topics.

Since 1986, I have been a trainer for The Monroe Institute's week-long residential programs at their main center in Virginia, and throughout the world.  By popular request, I am including a listing of my training dates in Virginia.  Since 1995, I have designed several residential programs for TMI, including Exploration 27, Starlines, and Starlines II.

In addition, I am an Accredited Gateway Outreach Facilitator, authorized to conduct shorter workshops throughout the country using TMI's Hemi-Sync technology. I typically conduct four different Hemi-Sync workshops in Florida, and carry a large inventory of tapes, CDs, and related books.

I occasionally talk about Hemi-Sync and related consciousness topics at conferences and in other media formats.  In 2008, I did an hour interview about The Monroe Institute with William Henry for the Dreamland internet radio show, available to subscribers of Whitley Strieber's’ Unknown Country website.

The Excursion Workshop, an official Monroe Institute program

This two-day workshop uses Hemi-Sync to alter consciousness and expand awareness. It provides a wonderful introduction to the TMI system, introducing the Focus 10 and Focus 12 states of awareness and numerous consciousness tools. The results of these exercises and tools are highly personal and varied. Typically, though, during the workshop, participants experience deep physical relaxation, improved brain hemisphere synchronization, states of greatly expanded awareness, insights regarding issues and questions in their lives, better understanding of their own energy, improved access to inner guidance, and greater knowing of their “Total Self.”       

The Workshop runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Graduates of this workshop receive a $200 discount on the Gateway Voyage residential training conducted at TMI in Virginia. This Excursion Workshop link provides more information about this program.

I have not personally scheduled any Excursion Workshops for 2010; however I would be happy to refer interested future participants to other Florida-based Outreach Facilitators. The cost is usually $250.  Contact me directly:

The Advanced Excursion Workshop

This workshop is for graduates of the Excursion Workshop, the TMI home-study course (Gateway Experience), or other TMI residential programs. This program includes further exploration of the Focus 10 and 12 states, and introduces Focus 15 and 21. It emphasizes states of expanded awareness, receiving Inner Guidance, knowing more of one's Total Self, and using healing energies.

In 2010, I will conduct this workshop in Tampa, FL:  April 17-18, 2010.   Cost:  $250.   Contact me directly if you are interested.

Exploring Life Beyond

This workshop relies heavily on the TMI "Going Home" audio series, and experience gleaned from TMI's "Lifelines" program. Participants will tour the states of consciousness typically entered after death of the physical body, establishing connections with the afterlife energies and helpful intelligences who can provide the kind of information and understandings which might be useful to participants' particular needs. The purpose of the workshop is to eliminate fear of the unknown or the afterlife, and to expand communications between these two energy systems or dimensions...for mutual benefit both "here" and "there." A review of various techniques which are aligned with this purpose will be provided. The energy of this workshop is quite joyful and expansive, and participants typically feel very nurtured.

Dates for this workshop will be announced.

Healing with Hemi-Sync

This workshop relies heavily on the "Human Plus" and "Positive Immunity Programs" developed by TMI. Participants will develop a variety of tools for self-healing and strengthening of the immune system. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to play a more conscious role in their health and well-being. Participants with immune system disorders are welcome.

"Healing with Hemi-Sync" is scheduled to be conducted in Tampa, Florida. The cost is $250, and runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Dates to be announced. Please call if interested.


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Thank you for your interest in my workshops and Hemi-Sync.