The Self-Awareness Institute


Franceen King, Ph.D., Director

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Board Certified Clinical Sexologist

Ordained Minister, COTC

Located near Tampa, Florida

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The Self-Awareness Institute was formed in 1983 by Dr. Franceen King, its Director and principal, as a center for personal growth, self-exploration, and healing, offering holistic and transpersonal approaches to individual counseling, psychotherapy, group seminars and training events.

The objective of all SAI activities is to empower clients to clarify and create for themselves the life experiences they desire, free from the limitations of past beliefs, traumas, and automatic, often painful, emotional responses and behaviors which might have controlled them previously.

SAI activities start with the assumption that we are essentially spiritual, or non-physical, beings who are already magnificent and whole. "Recovery" and "healing" are perhaps more accurately "re-discovery" and "re-claiming" of our true nature; shifts in our identity and perceptions, and remembrance of our loving purpose and intentions. Every crisis or symptom is simply a call to wake up and remember.

Since we are so much more than our bodies, emotions, relationships, jobs, bank accounts, or even our thoughts, we have the ability to alter our experiences and conditions in any of these areas.

This shift in who and what we know ourselves to be, is truly transformational. For some, it is easy; for most of us it includes emotionally challenging periods of self-doubt, confusion, resistance and struggle. For all, it is facilitated by contact with others who are able to perceive the Higher Power within us even when we can't; and who will provide safety, support and guidance for us as we both integrate and release the past, and step into this new identity and awareness of Self.

Our clients come from many walks of life, with a wide array of experiences and presenting problems or issues. At other times our clients are simply "curious"... wondering if there could possibly be more in Life to experience and explore. And since we are ultimately Infinite, the answer is always "Yes!"

SAI's approach is strongly aligned with the teachings of The Course in Miracles. Within this context, SAI employs a variety of techniques including rebirthing, hypnotherapy, brain wave entrainment and synchronizing through Hemi-Sync(R), regression, inner child work and reparenting, cognitive re-framing, affirmations, emotional release, guided imagery and visualization, movement, prayer, meditation, energy channeling, goal-setting, forgiveness, etc.

In every case, our emphasis is on teaching clients the perceptions and skills they need to heal themselves.

Franceen King is probably most well-known for her work with Rebirthing, a gentle yet powerful breath therapy and self-help technique developed during the mid '70's. Since then, the power of the breath has been widely recognized for its cleansing, energizing and illuminating impact ... allowing a new integration of mind, body and spirit to emerge. Since breath is Spirit, it provides a connection between the Infinite and the Finite.

Dr.King has been in private practice in the Tampa Bay area since 1981. She is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor with advanced training in hypnosis and sex therapy.

Before entering private practice, she spent eleven years working in large organizations, beginning at the National Institutes of Health. Her organizational work included every phase of employee development, with emphasis on executive and management development, and organization development. In 1976, she formed her own training and consulting firm and worked with client organizations throughout the United States.

Her own spiritual awakening began in 1971, with dramatic expansions of awareness, miraculous physical healings, and at times, overwhelming in-flows of energy and information. Along the way, she studied many systems and disciplines, including four years of ministerial studies in spiritualist, metaphysical, and mystical traditions. In 1994, she became an ordained minister in Church of the Creator.

Recognizing the inevitable convergence of spirituality and psychology, and the role of crisis and symptoms in spiritual emergence, she chose to focus her work on individuals, and small groups, using techniques which allow and facilitate this new integration.

In addition to private practice and and her own Florida-based workshops, she also conducts week-long residential trainings for the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia.